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starting bulimia and looking for a buddy

Well Im new here =]]
and im looking for a bulimia buddy so message me if you're interested.
Ive only been bulimic for about 3 weeks now and im loving the results..except I ate the last three days without purging and ive gained 4 pounds =/
My stats are was hard..[[Not even my mom knows how much i weigh..and now here it is for the whole world to see, Im so ashamed]]
GW:150..very reasonable I think..I want a goal I know that I can reach..I dont want to be bones..I only want to be beautiful.

Every morning is getting harder for me to wake up..Im tired of hating myself and constantly worrying about my theighs or my stomache..I wish i could describe my feelings without sounding whinny or pathetic but I have hit rock bottem..all I want is to be happy..and the first step to get there is to loose this weight and then Ill go on from there.


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